My Approach to Anxiety, Depression, and Symptoms of Trauma

Anxiety, depression, anger, sadness, trauma reactions; symptoms such as these are prevalent in today’s culture. They have so much to tell us. I view symptoms such as these as the way our minds, bodies, and our unconscious attempt to communicate with us. Things such as the direction we are going in, what positive and healthy choices as opposed to what is not working in our lives. The ability and opportunity that we each have to communicate with symptoms and feelings, and ultimately to understand them is what is needed to obtain incredibly powerful and important information and therefore resolution. Learning how to listen to symptoms can be imperative to resolving them. If you have been experiencing depression, anxiety, or other such symptoms, they will continue to try to get your attention and may even increase until we stop and listen rather than ignoring them or pushing them away.

An Inner Wisdom

My approach to psychotherapy is based on my belief that each of us has an inner guiding wisdom that intuitively knows what directions and decisions are right for us.

I can help you connect to this knowledge in order to help you discover your ability to find answers and options that resonate with you. Through a process of listening to what your symptoms, feelings, and reactions are communicating, it becomes possible to reconnect to this internal guidance system and navigate through difficulties and challenges.

Every life experience we have ever had, both positive and negative, is etched into our memories, our bodies, and our minds. These can cause us to react from past perspectives without even realizing the connection. Even from childhood, emotional fractures and disappointments can have major effects on how we perceive parts of the outside world as a safe or unsafe place.

I work with individuals to release past negative events, helping to restore a sense of balance, and breaking through emotional and psychological roadblocks. I work from a psychodynamic and depth therapeutic approach that looks at how early relationships affect us, and how these and other experiences may be affecting you in your everyday life. My approach to resolving and reducing depression, anxiety, and symptoms of trauma is unique, informative and effective. My goal is to assist you in finding new ways to move through difficulties, whether you know what these are or perhaps are contending with simply an overall sense of unrest or discomfort.

A Mind and Body Approach to Resolving Depression and Anxiety Trauma Symptoms

There is so much talk these days about the mind and body connection. But what does this really mean? I work with many people who experience the symptoms of living their lives in an unbalanced way. In today’s time of technology, social media, and flashy gadgetry, it becomes very easy to be swept up in the excitement of the latest, greatest tool. But as wonderful as all these are, they also take us further away from the ability to simply ‘Be’. It can be difficult to slow down and explore the internal structures of our experiences when we are always rushing around.

As our bodies tell us what our minds do not, they tell us of being out of balance, of using a language of stress, sadness, and physical symptoms such as headaches, digestion issues, and auto-immune disease. We can become so far out of balance we sometimes forget how long it has been since we have felt relaxation, contentment, happiness, or joy. It is my belief and that before reducing or resolving symptoms of depression, anxiety, sadness, anger, or trauma, we need to sit with them and hear what they are attempting to tell us.